5 elements of branding
Components of a brand strategy: 5 key branding elements.

It’s difficult to define what a brand is. Maybe that’s because a brand is a mix of values, promises and identifiers that are communicated both visually and textually. A brand also includes unspoken and unseen things, like emotions, desires and…read the full article

4 Stages of Committing to a Rebrand

Here at Ervin & Smith we regularly help our clients tackle rebrand projects that define how the world views their businesses. It is important and exciting work that we are passionate about. Keeping your brand fresh and reflective of your…read the full article

5 examples of successful rebrands and why they worked.

Rebranding! It seems to be the go-to solution for a company on the ropes of troubled or boring times. From logos to exciting, creative ways to market a product, it’s pretty easy to get thrown onto the tracks of rebrand…read the full article

The 7 habits of highly effective brands.

You can learn a lot by examining the actions and habits of successful people. The same logic can be applied to branding. I’m sure you can think of several standout brands that make a statement and are continually outperforming their…read the full article

The relationship between brand architecture and business strategy.

Most leaders think of brand architecture only during times of change, like mergers, acquisitions, rebrands and product launches. Documenting and guiding your brand architecture strategy outside of changing times is also important.

Brand Architecture Strategy
Tips and resources for developing your brand strategy.

Are you looking to establish a new brand or revitalize an existing one? Then make sure you check out these articles for tips and resources for developing your brand strategy.

What is a brand? | Ervin & Smith
What is a brand? It’s your online experience.

What is a brand? There are hundreds of different definitions from a wide variety of experts. Most of them talk about the emotions or thoughts that are stirred up when a consumer thinks of your company’s name.

branding and marketing
Always recognizable, never rigid: An approach to branding and marketing.

Ideally, every brand should be recognizable regardless of context, yet brands should also be able to adjust their characteristics based on whatever that context is.

rebranding strategy
6 cases when rebranding is a good idea [checklist].

Given the importance of long-term brand consistency, rebranding should not be taken lightly.

brand relevance
Ultimate branding strategies for earning loyalty online.

Building a strong brand is all about being found, consumed and spread. Learn more with our six branding strategies that build brand loyalty online.