B2B lead generation: Why it’s hard and what the future holds

As marketers, we simply can’t put enough focus on lead generation. While there are always other objectives to measure—traffic, engagement, clicks—the one that is closest to the bottom line is leads.

Iterative writing: Taking an agile approach to content generation

How to stop letting good ideas wither on the vine because you’re so concerned with perfection.

Learn the terms: a content marketing glossary

Ervin & Smith has created a quick reference guide to content marketing terms. From content audits to real-time marketing, you’ll find succinct definitions for all the essential terms you need to know. We invite you to download it, learn from it and then go forth and create great content.

Learn from Patagonia brand ambassadors
What is a brand ambassador? The quick guide for digital marketers

So, what exactly is a brand ambassador? Here’s a rundown of the basics and key takeaways for businesses and digital marketers to consider.

B2B content marketing strategy
“I can do anything better than you.” B2B content marketing strategy examples that beat the competition.

Three brands that prove a creative B2B content marketing strategy can fuel brand awareness.

do I need a blog for my business
Question: Do I need a blog for my business?

There are millions of blogs in existence, yet people still haven’t quite shaken the perception that blogs are for moms, foodies and happy thoughts. While those types of blogs can be great, here’s why blogs are for businesses too.

Stop writing content.

Content marketing isn’t just about writing content. With a little imagination, just about anything can be a vehicle for connecting with your audience.

Learning overload at #CMWorld 2014

Content marketing inspiration: Twelve key insights from Content Marketing World 2014.

Beyond the basics: an artful approach to curating content

Curating content is about more than assembling links. If that’s your only technique, you’ll quickly bore your audience. Here’s a better way to approach it.

Content marketing examples
They get it; do you? Branded content marketing examples.

Seven great content marketing examples.