Financial service content marketing
Financial service content marketing: 5 success tips.

Read up on easy-to-execute tips for how to run a successful financial services content marketing program in your firm.

Take your infographics to the next level.

Data visualization is more than a trend. It’s a helpful way to communicate important information and statistics in a visual and easy-to-digest format. Here at Ervin & Smith, we’re very familiar with the most common form of data visualization, the…read the full article

B2B lead generation: Why it’s hard and what the future holds.

As marketers, we simply can’t put enough focus on lead generation. While there are always other objectives to measure—traffic, engagement, clicks—the one that is closest to the bottom line is leads.

Iterative writing: Taking an agile approach to content generation

How to stop letting good ideas wither on the vine because you’re so concerned with perfection.

Native video
The basics: native video.

If you’ve read anything about digital marketing in the past year, you’ve surely heard about video and native advertising. But what exactly is native video?

When your iPhone is not enough: Quality considerations for video content.

Perhaps more than any other marketing discipline, video has the most moving parts (dad joke very much intended). So when do you need great, when do you need good and when do you fall back on good enough?

Behind the video: Choosing a format that connects with your meaning.

The idea of connection is important if you’re going to use video to interact with your audience—whether it’s an explainer video or an introduction to your brand.

Send to play: Insights on email and video.

Unless you’ve been off the grid for a while, you probably know how effective video can be. But here are a few stats to serve as a refresher on why video can be so compelling to your audience. Plus tips for using it.

Learn the terms: a content marketing glossary

Ervin & Smith has created a quick reference guide to content marketing terms. From content audits to real-time marketing, you’ll find succinct definitions for all the essential terms you need to know. We invite you to download it, learn from it and then go forth and create great content.

Spielberg on a budget: Free tools for making video.

You’ve read the statistics. You know how hugely effective video content can be. But what if you’re new to creating video? How do you get started? We’ll show you.