Social Media Trends to Know [Roundup]

Things change quickly in the digital world, and social media is one of the fastest moving segments.

The DO’S and DON’TS for retweets

When using a Twitter account that serves a purpose other than personal whims, trying to decide how to approach retweeting can be challenging.

Twitter for business
Twitter for business: 4 tips that will help drive engagement

If you want to see success from your social media and inbound marketing efforts, you need to treat interactions online just like face-to-face conversations with your customers.

How brands are using Periscope in social media marketing strategies

Periscope is the ultimate way to show consumers and fans behind-the-scenes sneak peeks or conduct live Q&As. But for those who may still be wondering what Periscope is and how it can fit into their social media marketing strategy, read on.

Law abiders: The 9 best social media campaigns in regulated industries

Operating within strict regulations? You don’t have to forgo social media. Here are 9 of the best social media campaigns in regulated industries.

social media contests graphic
5 ways to get more ROI out of your social media contests

Social media contests can be a lot of work. But there is a lot to be gained. We’ve listed 5 ways to get more ROI out of your next contest or sweepstakes.

The best vines from brands
The best vines from brands

Get some inspiration! Our favorite advertising vines – chosen by the creative team.

february social media marketing news
#SMM411: Social Media Marketing News You Missed

We’ve gathered the top social media marketing news you missed last month, focusing on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the now infamous Google+.

December Social Media Marketing News
#SMM411: December’s Social Media Marketing News

If you’re feeling behind on industry happenings, you’re in luck – December’s social media marketing news roundup covers the month’s top headlines.

social media marketing
#SMM411: November’s social media marketing news

November’s social media marketing roundup offers an extra helping of … get excited … are you ready? …