Why Even Successful Projects Need a Post-Mortem

Completed projects offer invaluable insights for future projects and processes, but how do we gather the information? One of my favorite ways is to hold a post-mortem meeting after a significant project is complete. A post-mortem meeting allows the team…read the full article

How To Write A Creative Brief
How to write a creative brief that produces winning work

The Ervin & Smith account team agreed to a Q&A to provide insight into how you can write a creative brief with your agency partner that produces winning work.

content marketing strategy resources
Want to be better at your job? Read up! Our summer book recommendations.

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Digital Marketing: Tools and resources to make you more effective and less frantic

Whether you’re a digital marketing manager, social media strategist, content marketer or creative thinker, you’re likely constantly building your list of go-to resources that makes your job easier – and allows you to better build your business, generate new leads, strategically use social, and capitalize on content and trending information. The challenge? Staying on top of the myriad of tools, resources and technology that are available.