13 Mar Let your imagination run wild with #esdailydraw. Learn more about this week’s drawing theme: Characters

Each week, Ervin & Smith artist Jim Mehsling chooses a drawing theme – allowing viewers to connect with recurring ideas and master specific skills. The drawing focus this week will be “characters” – a theme that Mehsling loves. Learn more about this week’s theme with a special #esdailydraw Q&A:

Why did you choose “characters” as this week’s drawing theme?

The easy answer is because I am a character design artist – and I love characters. But, the real answer is because characters are fun. When drawing characters, there is no limit. You can replicate existing characters or create your own unique characters.

Define a “character.”

A character is anything and everything. Artists create characters by bringing life to the things around them.

What or who is your favorite character and why?

My favorite character is R2D2. It is unbelievable how much expression and animation a tin canister can have! You can tell exactly what R2D2 is thinking even with limited facial expressions.

Do you create stories about the characters you draw?

Of course! Every character I create has its own unique story – I image every detail. For example, I drew mice for Monday’s daily draw. As I was drawing, I decided that these mice were going to be on an adventure with their final destination in sight.

What do you want viewers to take away from this week’s daily draw?

First and foremost, I want viewers to realize that all drawings are based upon structure and basic shapes. But most of all, I want viewers to have fun with drawing. #esdailydraw is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

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As a daily drawer, what characters do you like most?

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