Ervin & Smith: The growing Omaha company featured in B2B Omaha magazine

Executives at Omaha advertising-public relations firm Ervin & Smith say the company’s recent growth and recognition as a top place to work and prosper are by-products of its emphasis on staff development. Read full article from B2B Omaha magazine

How do you engage women with your brand? Ask her what she really thinks.

Companies are conducting consumer research in a variety of ways, but when it comes to marketing to women, it’s important to recognize which pitfalls to avoid and what methods can be most effective.

Free consumer insights are in the comments section

Learn about the best places for free consumer insights by looking in the comments of your blog.

3 things you need to know about Google’s search page changes.

If you did a search on Google this week you may have noticed a lot more white space. No there isn’t anything wrong with your screen; Google is at it once again … this time, making changes to its search page.

How to get your foot in the door: Tips on landing an interview from recent grads.

You’ve spent the last several years getting ready for the real world — now what? Securing an interview in a competitive job market can be a daunting task, especially as a recent graduate. So how do you overcome the flood of résumés flying across executives’ desks and stand out in the crowd? Increase your chances by following these simple tips.

What is your brand architecture strategy?

Brand architecture strategy (sometimes called brand portfolio strategy) is a business strategy. It’s NOT about graphics. And it’s not about marketing.

You landed the interview! Now what? How to prepare for the media spotlight.

When it comes to media relations, the goal is always very clear — land an interview so you can secure media placement for your company or client. And generally speaking, securing the interview is the hardest part. It takes a…read the full article

Top 3 Content Management Systems: An overview of the most popular CMSes

If you’re looking to power your website with a CMS, read on for outlines of three of the top content management systems currently favored at Ervin & Smith.

Mobile Research: How you can apply it to your research mix

The rapidly growing mobile population has not only marketers scrambling to develop sound strategies and approaches, but researchers, as well. With more than 87% of the world’s population being mobile subscribers, there is an exciting opportunity for researchers to gain…read the full article

Content strategy for the home page: Content that gives users what they need to engage with your brand

As Web users, we don’t always know good home page content when we see it. That’s because when the content strategy on the home page is good, users don’t usually notice it at all. We notice bad content, absent content,…read the full article