Three effective marketing strategies for insurance.

Working in insurance marketing can undoubtedly bring a unique set of challenges that not all industries experience. For example, the very reason insurance is purchased is to protect against something that people don’t want to happen. So, how do you…read the full article

Heidi Mausbach, Advertising & Marketing CEO
More than a move: A peek inside Ervin & Smith’s transition to Aksarben Village.

It’s been five short months in our new office in Aksarben Village, and yet, it feels like we’ve been here for years. More importantly, it feels like home. Building out a new space in seven months and moving offices, along…read the full article

Brand Protection Online – Part 1: Domain Ownership.

Companies spend a lot of time and money to build a trustworthy and credible brand. But, as you likely know, there are a lot of different ways to lose trust with consumers. We’re going to begin the first of a…read the full article

4 Augmented Reality Trends That Marketers Should Keep Their Eyes On

Augmented reality “is the future, the dominant way we will interact with computers and the Internet.” That’s a pretty bold statement, isn’t it? Before we dismiss it, though, let’s consider where it came from. Christopher Mims, The Wall Street Journal’s…read the full article

How to successfully create a blog for your business.

“Do I need a blog?” It’s one of the top questions we hear from new clients during marketing consultations. Since it’s a topic on many minds, Ervin & Smith Director of Marketing Katie Herzog recently gave an interview to the…read the full article

Does your marketing department have an identity problem? Signs and solutions.

What do Norman Bates, Tyler Durden and possibly your marketing department all have in common? If you guessed an identity problem, give yourself 100 bonus points! If you’re a marketer, you’ve undoubtedly come across peers who don’t understand what marketing…read the full article

Getting started with marketing personas.

Here’s the deal. Marketing personas are important for certain aspects of marketing. But what if you prefer to use target markets? A lot of people think that the use of buyer personas and target markets are mutually exclusive—that you can…read the full article

Your complete email marketing checklist.

Email marketing might not be new and shiny. But is it still effective? Absolutely. In fact, 86 percent of consumers would like to receive promotional emails at least once per month from companies they do business with. Follow our email…read the full article

The benefits of video marketing (and the pitfalls).

As the use of social media rises and our attention spans shrink, video content has become more important than ever. And while written content will always be a key component of your overall marketing strategy, ask yourself: “What can video…read the full article

AIGA Partnership 4 Kids
E&S + AIGA: Showcasing creative career opportunities

Ervin & Smith partnered with AIGA Nebraska and Partnership 4 Kids to invite 16 middle school students to dive in to what it’s like to work at an advertising agency.