3 questions with Doug Smith.

“Look closely at what every one else is doing and do something opposite. The contrarian, counterintuitive thinkers rule the world.” – Doug Smith

Law abiders: The 9 best social media campaigns in regulated industries.

Operating within strict regulations? You don’t have to forgo social media. Here are 9 of the best social media campaigns in regulated industries.

Learn from Patagonia brand ambassadors
What is a brand ambassador? The quick guide for digital marketers.

So, what exactly is a brand ambassador? Here’s a rundown of the basics and key takeaways for businesses and digital marketers to consider.

How To Write A Creative Brief
How to write a creative brief that produces winning work.

The Ervin & Smith account team agreed to a Q&A to provide insight into how you can write a creative brief with your agency partner that produces winning work.

february social media marketing news
#SMM411: Social media marketing news you missed.

We’ve gathered the top social media marketing news you missed last month, focusing on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the now infamous Google+.

December Social Media Marketing News
#SMM411: December’s social media marketing news.

If you’re feeling behind on industry happenings, you’re in luck – December’s social media marketing news roundup covers the month’s top headlines.

Holiday Ads 2014
Laughing & crying through the best holiday ads of 2014

We’ve made our list … and checked it twice. The Ervin & Smith team sourced and reviewed the best holiday ads of 2014. Ready to congratulate this year’s winners?

Advertising on social media
What budget? Set yourself up for cost-effective advertising on social media.

Advertising on social media is both exciting and overwhelming for first-timers. Before securing high-dollar campaign spend, you need to prove ROI. Before even thinking about your first paid tweet, you need to develop a strategic plan backed by analytics. Here’s how to set the stage.

social media marketing
#SMM411: October’s social media marketing news.

Between seasonal lattes and costumes, you might not have had time to keep up with the latest social media marketing news this month. Luckily, #SMM411 has you covered.

B2B content marketing strategy
“I can do anything better than you.” B2B content marketing strategy examples that beat the competition.

Three brands that prove a creative B2B content marketing strategy can fuel brand awareness.