Prepare for impact: How to meet consumers in micro-moments.

Provide a better customer experience and take advantage of how people are using their devices today.

When your iPhone is not enough: Quality considerations for video content.

Perhaps more than any other marketing discipline, video has the most moving parts (dad joke very much intended). So when do you need great, when do you need good and when do you fall back on good enough?

Websites now: UX and CX still reign

Your website is the window to your brand’s … well … maybe not its soul, but pretty darn close. That’s why great CX (customer experience) and great UX (user experience) are inseparable.

Websites now: What needs to go

Earlier, our experts offered insights about some “must-haves” for websites. Now it’s time to look at the dark underbelly of the Web and its design and functionality horrors.

Websites now: What makes them great in 2016.

If you think your site created or redesigned two years ago is still the shiniest object out there, you probably need to think again.

Technology Translated: What is an API?

What is an API? You might be familiar with the acronym, but unless you’re a developer, you may not really know what it means. We’ll explain.

Motivational Monday: Jeanne and Anne

Get some Monday inspiration courtesy of Associate Content Director, Jeanne Ivy.

A look at life beyond the screen: A review of The Best Interface Is No Interface

Screens are everywhere. They’re in our offices, our homes, our pockets. They’re fundamentally changing our lives. The question is: Should they?

3 Reasons to Work with a “Best Places to Work” Agency

When an agency earns a spot on a Best Places to Work list, of course they gain a sparkling new endorsement to attract potential employees. But there’s another group that should be paying attention to these lists—potential clients.

Learn the terms: a content marketing glossary

Ervin & Smith has created a quick reference guide to content marketing terms. From content audits to real-time marketing, you’ll find succinct definitions for all the essential terms you need to know. We invite you to download it, learn from it and then go forth and create great content.