3 Truths of Website Redesign
3 truths of website redesign.

It seems that no matter how proactive, interactive or innovative your overall marketing is, a website redesign project will need to happen at some point in your company’s marketing life. As a veteran team of web redesigners (strategists, developers, designers…read the full article

B2B lead generation: Why it’s hard and what the future holds.

As marketers, we simply can’t put enough focus on lead generation. While there are always other objectives to measure—traffic, engagement, clicks—the one that is closest to the bottom line is leads.

You’re funded—now what? 3 marketing tips for startups.

Here’s how to keep your startup marketing strategic, manageable and measurable.

An inbound marketing approach to internal communications.

Rather than assuming internal audiences will buy in to what we’re communicating by default, what if we approached them as a target market to be marketed to?

Inconceivable! Your favorite Princess Bride characters are the perfect metaphor for your SEO strategy.

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge … sounds like a regular day in the world of digital marketing to me!

2016 marketing trends
Practical application: Make the most of these marketing trends in 2016

Large or small, most companies can make today’s biggest marketing trends work for them and their 2016 budget. Here’s how.

Backing into your new digital marketing measurement plan.

If you have a digital strategy in place (or even a list of your digital marketing activities) as well as some type of analytics platform, here’s how to use them to back into some benchmarks to help build your upcoming plan.

Motivational Monday: Katie and Mike

Here’s what our Director of Marketing learned from Mike Tyson.

4 things we learned at Inbound (that start with the letter O)

The Ervin & Smith marketing team recently attended HubSpot’s Inbound conference. Along with being enlightened and entertained, we picked up some important tips on developing and refining inbound marketing efforts.

website optimization
8 reasons website optimization is a must for your company.

Website optimization can lead to more prospects, happier customers and a satisfied sales team.