Heidi Mausbach, Advertising & Marketing CEO
More than a move: A peek inside Ervin & Smith’s transition to Aksarben Village.

It’s been five short months in our new office in Aksarben Village, and yet, it feels like we’ve been here for years. More importantly, it feels like home. Building out a new space in seven months and moving offices, along…read the full article

Business Ethics Interview Blog
Handling difficult ethical situations.

“Do the right thing.” It’s more than just what Mom told us each time we left the house growing up, it’s our No. 1 guiding principle here at Ervin & Smith. This culture of integrity lead a pair of Creighton…read the full article

BIG NEWS! We’re moving to Aksarben!

Hold on to your hats—Ervin & Smith is moving to a new location in Aksarben Village! While we’ve loved every minute that we’ve called our current Lakeside location home, we’re excited to look toward the future with a new space…read the full article

Ervin & Smith adapts to boost in client base with hires, streamlined services.

“Marketing isn’t just marketing anymore. It’s also sales, and IT and our roles have expanded to include creative, technology, analytics, sales and revenue responsibilities, ” said Heidi Mausbach, president & CEO of Ervin & Smith in a recent interview with…read the full article

6 PR opportunities you’re overlooking.

Traditional media relations tactics are no longer enough. It’s time to integrate your PR efforts with your advertising, content marketing, social media and search strategies.

Why are we still using AVEs: How to really measure public relations ROI.

The PR industry absolutely must stop relying on outdated advertising value equivalents (AVEs) and impressions to prove ROI.

Award logo for TOYO!
Mausbach named one of ten Outstanding Young Omahans.

Ervin & Smith’s president and CEO, Heidi Mausbach, was just named one of Ten Outstanding Young Omahans (TOYO!).

6 steps for developing a public relations strategy.

As PR professionals it is your job to build and nurture relationships between your brand and every reporter, influencer and consumer who can help tell your story. But to do this well, it takes time.

Media Training_Ervin and Smith
Off the record: 8 reasons your CEO needs media training.

Any person who is tasked with speaking to the media for your brand or company needs media training. So how do you get them on board? Start here.

Brand Architecture Strategy
Tips and resources for developing your brand strategy.

Are you looking to establish a new brand or revitalize an existing one? Then make sure you check out these articles for tips and resources for developing your brand strategy.