How branding and social media can boost nonprofits’ credibility and connect them with donors

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No matter the company or organization, your brand is your identity. So what does a non-profit need to do differently when it comes to creating a memorable brand?


Ervin & Smith’s creative director, Leanne Prewitt recently spoke to the Midlands Business Journal on this topic.


The path to creating the brand is not that different between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. It’s in the details of the final design and message development where you see differences.


“Branding that’s too ‘slick’ or too elaborate runs the risk of off-putting donors who want their money to go toward your mission rather than your marketing,” Prewitt said. “A professional designer will know how to create a beautiful brand without crossing this fine line.”


Sometimes branding can take a back seat in the formation of a non-profit. However, Prewitt cautions that failing to spend time up front on this key component can be costly down the road.


“Because a brand’s look and messaging is likely the first experience people have with their organization – whether it’s by visiting their website, reading a brochure or talking with staff members – it needs to be thoughtfully crafted and well-designed to make potential donors trust the organization and believe in their credibility.”


Read more in the July 14 edition of the Midlands Business Journal

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