4 Stages of Committing to a Rebrand

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Here at Ervin & Smith we regularly help our clients tackle rebrand projects that define how the world views their businesses. It is important and exciting work that we are passionate about. Keeping your brand fresh and reflective of your values is critical to growing your business, but it can be hard to move forward from the brand you’ve established. We understand that sometimes rebranding your business can seem daunting and a little like an emotional roller coaster. Here are some of the emotional stages you may experience when considering a rebrand and some tips on how to handle them.



The first stage of committing to a rebrand is denial. You’ve been in business for several years, and over that time, your brand has really taken shape and you’ve gained customers. Business is still good, and you’re selling product; however, your competitors are passing you by. To remain competitive, your business needs to move upmarket, but your current marketing efforts are failing to do this. You may want to deny that change is needed, but to continue to grow your business, you need to attract not only new customers, but loyal customers as well. A great product is not enough to create this loyalty in a competitive market; your brand needs to move upmarket as well.


How to deal:
Shift your focus to the potential a refreshed brand can bring to your business. Visualize the impact your investment in rebranding will have on your business.



During this stage, you find that you can no longer ignore your branding issues. You may be providing a better product or service, but right now your potential customers prefer the competition. This makes you a little angry. You’ve recognized that your current brand isn’t performing, and that truth is following you around wherever you go. Nevertheless, committing to the long process of uncovering what your brand truly stands for is daunting, and you feel uninspired to get started.


How to deal:
Remember the reasons you started your business. You want a brand that reflects the high-quality products and services that your business provides. Committing to a rebrand and reaching out to a professional branding agency can make getting started easier.



At this point, you know you have to do something about your brand to stay competitive and grow your business. You may have already reached out to a creative agency, or maybe you’ve started research. The long road to redefining how you business is presented to the world lays before you, and you’re starting to rethink if you’re ready for this commitment. It can be tempting to cut corners or use a partial rebrand to spice up what you already have. However, a rebrand is a commitment to discovering what your business truly stands for and then sharing it with the world through beautiful design, helpful content, and smart strategy. These key components are crucial to every rebrand and cannot be skipped or skimmed over. Starting a rebrand is a commitment that is worth going “all-in” on.


How to deal:
Try to list all the other things that you skip out on in your business. You’ll quickly realize that it’s difficult to think of many other times you were willing to compromise or go halfway when it comes to your business and were successful.


Your brand is an asset, and it is essential to the success of your business. The challenge to let go of your current brand and tackle the process of redefining how your business is presented can be overwhelming. It may be an emotional roller coaster, but once you find a strong creative partner who understands the branding process and is committed to helping you along the way, you will look forward to the adventure.


How to deal:
Get started! Defining your goals for the rebrand and getting in touch with a professional branding agency is a great first step.


Growing your business and investing in your brand is an exciting time. The process of finding perfect creative, content and strategy to represent your business may sound like a challenge, but the reward of a strong, unified brand that stands the test of time and competition is well worth the emotional investment.

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