2012 Mayan Calendar: Brands build campaigns from the Mayan’s end of the world prediction

It was inevitable. The world is slated to end tomorrow (per the 2012 Mayan Calendar) – so the campaign concepts are just too obvious to pass up for some brands. Here are a few that caught my eye . . .

Catering to the long list of brand criteria: Why attracting more women the right way won’t alienate male consumers

For years, we’ve been consulting with clients and prospects on how to effectively market to women. The number one question we continue to hear: If we focus on women, will we alienate men?

Three tips for brand guidelines that last

Creating a new brand or reinvigorating an existing brand should be a career highlight for most marketers. Here are three tips for brand guidelines.

In a focus group rut? Five online alternatives to try.

Discover how to do audience research with these five online options for focus group alternatives.

How do you engage women with your brand? Ask her what she really thinks.

Companies are conducting consumer research in a variety of ways, but when it comes to marketing to women, it’s important to recognize which pitfalls to avoid and what methods can be most effective.

What is your brand architecture strategy?

Brand architecture strategy (sometimes called brand portfolio strategy) is a business strategy. It’s NOT about graphics. And it’s not about marketing.

Relevance is the differentiator in digital brand strategy. The branding game has changed.

Relevance is the differentiator in digital brand strategy: The branding game has changed