5 Google Analytics hacks to maximize your marketing dollars.

Allocating marketing dollars is no easy task. Usually, it involves some give and take. In a perfect world, most marketers would have a thoughtful marketing strategy written that ties into business objectives and goals. It would include proper advertising and…read the full article

zombie marketing channels
Zombie marketing channels: Three things that were dead, but aren’t.

EMAIL IS DEAD. If you work in marketing, I know you’ve seen phrases like this more than once, maybe more than once a week. In my opinion, “______ is dead” is one of the most overused marketing blog phrases out…read the full article

programmatic advertising guide
Programmatic Advertising Primer for Smart Marketers

According to advertising intelligence firm Magna Global, $178 billion was spent globally on digital advertising in 2016. $19 billion of that was purchased through programmatic digital media transactions. Programmatic advertising involves several players and new digital marketing terms. We’re providing this…read the full article

A Look Back at 2016 Marketing

2016 has been a bit of a crazy year, and with that, there are a lot of items you should have completed off your marketing to-do list. Included below are a few of the major marketing items we feel you…read the full article

How to know if PPC (pay-per-click) is right for you.

With a myriad of advertising choices available to marketers today, it can be challenging to know what you should put your money toward and what you should hold off on. PPC is no exception. A well-planned PPC campaign can bring…read the full article

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things from Christmas Past, Present & Future

ICYMI: Machines rule Christmas—actually, it’s not ‘machines;’ it’s the internet of things (IoT). We order and pay for our festive Peppermint Mochas with our smartphones, listen to our holiday playlists through an app in our car and stream classic Christmas…read the full article

What is the death of open web, and what does it mean for marketers?

  The way we use the web is changing, and like many shifts in culture and technology, this change started long before we realized it was happening. At the expense of the open web, many Internet users are ditching the…read the full article

What is FOMO, and how is it used to inspire millennial travelers?

You’ve felt it while watching a long Snapchat story from the front row at a Beyoncé concert or scrolling through the candid photos of your travel-blogging former college roommate. It’s the slightly uncomfortable feeling that your experiences are not quite…read the full article

How wacky is too wacky? The unfunny side of funny advertising.

Recently, more and more brands seem to be going all in with the super-zany-wacky commercials. So is this type of advertising effective?

How to build a story with data.

Most brands understand the importance of data and analytics but few truly know how to use the data to tell a meaningful story.