You’re funded—now what? 3 marketing tips for startups.

Here’s how to keep your startup marketing strategic, manageable and measurable.

Make room for luck in your digital marketing strategy

It’s easy to get so caught up in the process of producing that we forget to take a look around, adjust and make room for moments of magic.

Prepare for impact: How to meet consumers in micro-moments.

Provide a better customer experience and take advantage of how people are using their devices today.

5 lessons creatives can learn from the movie Creed

I couldn’t help but draw parallels from the movie to the various experiences and circumstances in my own life, especially as it relates to my job in advertising.

Internet of Things
CX + IoT: Meeting high expectations for the Internet of Things.

When it comes to the Internet of Things, we as marketers have some steep expectations to meet. Your customers may not know what exactly the IoT is, but they subconsciously assume you understand it deeply and that you’ll use it effectively.

The worst Super Bowl commercials of my lifetime.

In my opinion, Super Bowl commercials are a lot like New Year’s Eve: It’s an overhyped spectacle that gets everyone excited but inevitably devolves into an awesome disappointment early in the night. Still, I find myself pumped that this year’s…read the full article

2016 marketing trends
Practical application: Make the most of these marketing trends in 2016

Large or small, most companies can make today’s biggest marketing trends work for them and their 2016 budget. Here’s how.

’Tis the season for a little surprise and delight

In the spirit of the season, here are some of my favorite surprise and delight holiday campaigns from 2015.

Surprising and human: Favorite ads from 2015

Senior Copywriter Don Aguirre wades into the end-of-year rankings and Top 10 lists with his favorite ads from 2015. Enjoy!

Backing into your new digital marketing measurement plan.

If you have a digital strategy in place (or even a list of your digital marketing activities) as well as some type of analytics platform, here’s how to use them to back into some benchmarks to help build your upcoming plan.