10 tips for becoming a public relations rock star.

When it comes to public relations, the only constant you can count on is that there will always be change. To succeed in this industry you must be nimble and ready roll with what each new day brings.

10 tips for optimizing your press release (Infographic).

With nearly 2,000 press releases crossing the wires each day how do you ensure your news is found – not only by journalists, but by your customers, as well? Here are 10 tips for optimizing your press release

Three public relations pitfalls to avoid

In recent years, the public relations (PR) industry has seen a lot of change. Social media, originally considered by many to be no more than a way for college students to kill time, has undoubtedly changed the communications game forever….read the full article

You landed the interview! Now what? How to prepare for the media spotlight.

When it comes to media relations, the goal is always very clear — land an interview so you can secure media placement for your company or client. And generally speaking, securing the interview is the hardest part. It takes a…read the full article

10 tips on how to optimize your press release.

Ten tips on how to optimize your press release to be found by the search engines.