social media and seo
Social media and SEO: 4 insights you won’t want to miss.

When you combine social media and SEO strategies, you’ll be able to discover new opportunities. Discover four ways it can positively impact your business.

website optimization
8 reasons website optimization is a must for your company.

Website optimization can lead to more prospects, happier customers and a satisfied sales team.

What are backlinks
Understand the importance of rel=”nofollow” and get the link juices flowing

Not all backlinks get counted by Google and others. Why not? It’s the rel=”nofollow” attribute implemented in 2005.

seo marketing strategies
What a CMO needs to know about SEO.

Because a brand’s SEO marketing strategies are so vital, a CMO must be involved in providing strategic direction. Learn what you should know!

What are backlinks
What are backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most basic elements to any SEO plan that will help drive traffic and generate leads. Let us break it down for you a little deeper.

Google changes links rules for press releases: What you need to know.

Google Changes Links Rules for Press Releases: What PR professionals need to know.

What Advertisers Need to Know About Twitter’s Keyword Ad Targeting

In its quest to become the most powerful social media platform, Twitter recently announced a new advertising approach based on contextual keyword targeting.

Alt tags: Building a more effective SEO strategy.

In the murky waters of search engine optimization (SEO) rests a lot of technical terminology like meta data, title tags and backlinks. If you’re trying to get SEO in order, it can be especially overwhelming to know where to start. One important piece that’s often overlooked is ensuring images on your site are appropriately labeled or “tagged.” Paying attention to the alternative text (often referred to as alt tags or alt attributes) can increase your chances of search engine success.

Why landing pages are essential to search engine marketing success

Keywords, special offers and ad copy are all core components to assembling a successful search marketing campaign.

Search engine marketing part 1: Picking the right keywords for your AdWords campaign.

You already know that in order for your potential customers to find your business, you need to show up in their Google results. And you’re ready to embark on your Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign. So now what?