How to deal with trolls on social media

Just like the mythical world of fairy tales, sometimes the World Wide Web can be a dark and scary place. The internet provides helpful information to millions of people every day, but there are many website and internet users who…read the full article

The 4 stages of going ‘Live’ on Facebook.

Facebook has recently invested in promoting their new Live feature of their Facebook mobile application. The feature allows users to livestream videos to their Facebook friends and followers while instantly collecting feedback in the form of reactions (like, heart, sad,…read the full article

Social media trends to know [roundup].

Things change quickly in the digital world, and social media is one of the fastest moving segments.

The DO’S and DON’TS for retweets

When using a Twitter account that serves a purpose other than personal whims, trying to decide how to approach retweeting can be challenging.

Twitter for business
Twitter for business: 4 tips that will help drive engagement.

If you want to see success from your social media and inbound marketing efforts, you need to treat interactions online just like face-to-face conversations with your customers.

How brands are using Periscope in social media marketing strategies.

Periscope is the ultimate way to show consumers and fans behind-the-scenes sneak peeks or conduct live Q&As. But for those who may still be wondering what Periscope is and how it can fit into their social media marketing strategy, read on.

Law abiders: The 9 best social media campaigns in regulated industries.

Operating within strict regulations? You don’t have to forgo social media. Here are 9 of the best social media campaigns in regulated industries.

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5 ways to get more ROI out of your social media contests.

Social media contests can be a lot of work. But there is a lot to be gained. We’ve listed 5 ways to get more ROI out of your next contest or sweepstakes.

The best vines from brands
The best vines from brands.

Get some inspiration! Our favorite advertising vines – chosen by the creative team.

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#SMM411: Social media marketing news you missed.

We’ve gathered the top social media marketing news you missed last month, focusing on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the now infamous Google+.