December Social Media Marketing News
#SMM411: December’s social media marketing news.

If you’re feeling behind on industry happenings, you’re in luck – December’s social media marketing news roundup covers the month’s top headlines.

social media marketing
#SMM411: November’s social media marketing news.

November’s social media marketing roundup offers an extra helping of … get excited … are you ready? …

Advertising on social media
What budget? Set yourself up for cost-effective advertising on social media.

Advertising on social media is both exciting and overwhelming for first-timers. Before securing high-dollar campaign spend, you need to prove ROI. Before even thinking about your first paid tweet, you need to develop a strategic plan backed by analytics. Here’s how to set the stage.

social media marketing
#SMM411: October’s social media marketing news.

Between seasonal lattes and costumes, you might not have had time to keep up with the latest social media marketing news this month. Luckily, #SMM411 has you covered.

social media marketing news
#SMM411: September’s social media marketing news.

Get the latest on trends in the world of social media with our monthly roundup of headlines covering social media marketing news, tips and tools.

social media and seo
Overcommitted? Determine what social media channels to use for your business.

Stop spreading yourself thin and producing underwhelming content. It’s time to scale back to determine what social media channels to use for your business.

Pinterest for business
Behold, the power of Pinterest for business

Is Pinterest right for your brand? Our Pinterest for business tips can help you decide—and get the most from your efforts.

Social media for business: How brands are saying thanks … and getting a lot in return.

If you’re using social media for business, it’s worth the effort to show show your followers how much you appreciate them. Read on for some ideas and tips.

Social Media for Business
Review and react: Customer service and social media for business.

Social media lets customers vent publicly, but don’t let that scare you! Here’s how to use social media for business and handle customer complaints.

latest social media trends
Social snapshot: The latest social media trends.

Get some insight into the latest social media trends you need to know about.