Love at first download: What makes an app stand out?

The apps we love tend to share four key traits.

Mobile takeover: Tips to keep your content moving

Remember the salad days of traditional marketing, where a well-deployed DM piece could drive your business for months, and edgy commercials and print ads drove chatter at the watercooler? A lot of these strategies still hold true today, of course, but the fact is that the Internet changed everything … and then smart mobile devices changed everything again.

Secrets to success: Should your brand have a mobile app?

Mobile app success for your brand is about much more than just having a presence. And rushing into it is unlikely to yield the kind of results your higher-ups are hoping for.

digital marketing shift
Need-to-know tips for iBeacon marketing success

These four simple tips for iBeacon marketing will help you use this technology effectively to create a rich, immediate brand experience and spur purchases or other desired actions by your customers.

beacon app
Four strategic beacon app considerations for developers

Beyond the basics, here are four tech-related considerations for deciding when and how to build that first beacon app.