Three ways to optimize your website for millennials – by a millennial.

Posted March 14, 2017 in by

As of 2015, millennials are the majority of the U.S. workforce. Along with that comes about $200 billion in annual purchasing power. If you want a piece of that pie, you have to have a website, it has to work well, and your millennial audience has to be able to find it. Check out these three ways to optimize your website for millennials.

1. Make it mobile first.

I feel like I’ve written that websites need to be mobile first in most of my recent blog posts. But, it’s true. Desktop computers only account for only about 27% of millennial internet usage.

2. Think about adding a blog

33% of millennials rely on blogs before they make a purchase. A blog can help your SEO and legitimize your business in the eyes of a millennial. However, don’t do this just to have it. If you create it and let it die, it makes your business seem sketchy. It would need to be updated on a somewhat regular basis at a minimum but ideally a couple times a week.

3. Make sure your Local SEO keyword game is strong

One of the most popular mobile activities for millennials is using a search engine. If you want a millennial to discover your business, or be able to drive to it, you’ll want to make sure you’re optimized for local SEO. If you want to get into the basics of what this means, besides using important keywords for your business on your website and making sure you have accurate and up to date listings, check out my blog on local SEO here.

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