HubSpot Campaign Reports: Measure the effectiveness of your inbound marketing campaigns

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Planning and executing an inbound marketing campaign is hard work. And as savvy HubSpot marketers, we want to make sure we can show how effective our efforts have been. Fortunately, we have an analytics dream in the HubSpot Campaign reporting. Below, I’ve put together four steps to successfully setting up and tracking your full campaign in HubSpot:

Step 1: Plan the campaign with measurement in mind.

This is an easy step to forget, but it will make your life so much easier when you’re pulling together a post-campaign report. There should always be a “measurement” section of your campaign plan that aligns your objectives with measurable key performance indicators. For example:


Step 2: Create your campaign in HubSpot.

HubSpot has an easy-to-use Campaign feature within the tool. It allows you to organize and track the performance of all of the individual assets that are a part of your larger campaign. You can create a new campaign by going to Content > Campaigns in your HubSpot account and clicking “Create a New Campaign.” Follow the on-screen instructions to get your campaign set up.

Step 3: Set measureable goals.

One of the best things about the Campaign tool is that it allows you to set actual goals for the campaign—real numbers that can hold you accountable to overall performance.

Measurable Goals

Step 4: Organize and measure campaign execution.

Marketers can use the Campaign dashboard to manage the entire marketing campaign in one place. Even with a variety of marketing assets (landing pages, emails, social media posts, CTAs, etc.) throughout your HubSpot account, the integrated analytics bring everything together. In real time, you can see how your campaign goals are being achieved and how each individual marketing channel is contributing.


Unfortunately, in today’s world you cannot just guess at what’s working and what’s not. HubSpot allows you to track results and use closed-loop reporting to determine how your marketing is impacting the bottom line. For an in-depth resource on HubSpot Campaigns, check out the product user guide.

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