Web Wednesdays: Startup Edition

Posted March 23, 2016 in by

This week marks the first-ever Omaha Startup Week. So whether you’re just launching your business or you’re already funded and ready to scale, this week’s roundup offers some practical tools and advice to help grow your business. If you want to know why Omaha Startup Week is a big deal, check out this recent story on the Silicon Prairie from CBS.

  • Having trouble remembering the image requirements for different social media platforms? This cool image resizing tool from Sprout Social can help small teams do social.Katie Herzog
  • This is a great read on why startups should care about marketing and, in particular, the humble practice of securing valuable backlinks. –Kendra Galante 
  • Building the Marketing Plan” is a must-read e-book from HubSpot that shares insights on using personas, growing a team and using various lead-generation techniques for growing your business. Ashley Bails
  • Make your pick in Inc.’s annual March Madness-style tournament of top college startups. –Tara Bantam
  • “Building friendships and even links take time, and consistency. You won’t create a following by producing one creative idea. You have to continuously provide value to people.” This is a great read from Silicon Prairie News on growing your startup. –Megan Belt
  • Great read on “5 Reasons Your Company Needs to be Metrics-Driven.” –Danelle Schlegelmilch
  • And the startup hat tip of the week goes to Giphy—who often has our team oohing and ahhing over its brilliance. –The Editors
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