How to determine the best blog content for your B2B marketing strategy.

Content is an important tool in generating and converting B2B leads online. As a marketer, you’re probably passionate about your business and the industry you serve, so choosing topics and creating content for your B2B blog is fairly easy. While…read the full article

All facets of workplace environment considered when designing spaces.

It’s no secret we love our new office in Aksarben Village. While settling in over the past few months, we’ve enjoyed showing it off to clients, family and friends.   Although from lease signing to move-in day the design took…read the full article

Positioning statements and taglines: Crafting the foundation of your brand strategy.

How to write positioning statements and taglines that craft the foundation of your brand’s creative execution.

B2B lead generation considerations for financial services.

In the world of financial services, marketing and advertising are not easy. From a complex industry to complex internal struggles, finding ways to generate leads and attribute those leads can be tough. Here are three B2B lead generation considerations you…read the full article

4 key takeaways from The Digital Summit in Kansas City.

Here at Ervin & Smith we continue to learn so we’re always on top of the newest trends in digital marketing and advertising. Four of our team members recently traveled to Kansas City to attend the Digital Summit conference and…read the full article

Google’s new feed and its impact on search.

In a post titled Feed Your Need to Know, Google recently announced a new feed experience in their app (and coming soon to mobile and desktop). When I came across this announcement in my Twitter feed, well, see for yourself….read the full article

How branding and social media can boost nonprofits’ credibility and connect them with donors

No matter the company or organization, your brand is your identity. So what does a non-profit need to do differently when it comes to creating a memorable brand?   Ervin & Smith’s creative director, Leanne Prewitt recently spoke to the Midlands…read the full article

brand messaging
Brand message strategy: Quick steps to finding a relevant idea you can own.

Brand message strategy has helped successfully position many brands. The idea ensures that those consumers know what to expect from the brand’s messaging.

Shared Space.
Sharing spaces: how it helps connect you to coworkers.

The words “collaboration space” have been known to cause fear in the hearts of both high- and low-level employees. We get it. At Ervin & Smith, we recently moved from a more traditional space into our new open-concept office at…read the full article

Financial service content marketing
Financial service content marketing: 5 success tips.

Read up on easy-to-execute tips for how to run a successful financial services content marketing program in your firm.