Welcoming friends and family to our new home.

It’s not every day that your company packs up and relocates to a new, one-of-a-kind office space in one of the fastest-growing commercial areas in Omaha. Creating our unique new space, moving and getting settled was an adventure, and after…read the full article

7 digital marketing buzzwords every marketer should know.

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting when someone threw out a term—big data, for example—and you weren’t 100 percent sure what the term meant? You’re not alone. In the world of digital marketing, it seems like new buzzwords…read the full article

Allison Janda, Content Writer at Ervin & Smith
Author Allison Janda joins E&S as a key content creator.

This summer we’re excited to welcome Allison Janda to the E&S creative team as a content writer. She specializes in content creation for the agency and its clients, including blogs, ebooks, websites, emails and more. Outside of work you’ll probably find…read the full article

Want more productive and creative employees? Have them take a trip.

Travel and vacations are something that nearly everyone looks forward to. Think about how excited you feel when you book a vacation. Just the act of purchasing a plane ticket puts you in an elevated mood of anticipating travel. Then…read the full article

5 elements of branding
Components of a brand strategy: 5 key branding elements.

It’s difficult to define what a brand is. Maybe that’s because a brand is a mix of values, promises and identifiers that are communicated both visually and textually. A brand also includes unspoken and unseen things, like emotions, desires and…read the full article

3 reasons to create custom photography for your website.

Designing your company’s website can seem like a monumental task. Add on the need for original, fresh imagery, and it can be tough to know where to start. It might seem like the path of least resistance is to search…read the full article

Max Mentzer, Senior Copywriter
E&S expands brand & video writing power.

Max Mentzer has joined the team as a senior copywriter. He will be working alongside our creative team to develop original campaigns, content and branding work for our clients. When he’s not working he writes his own stuff, Max noodles…read the full article

How to deal with trolls on social media

Just like the mythical world of fairy tales, sometimes the World Wide Web can be a dark and scary place. The internet provides helpful information to millions of people every day, but there are many website and internet users who…read the full article

How mentoring drives a best places to work culture

Like most everything, we do mentoring a little differently here at Ervin & Smith. Every day you’ll find it happening across teams and titles.   Our President and CEO, Heidi Mausbach was recently featured in a series of LinkedIn articles on the topic…read the full article

4 Stages of Committing to a Rebrand

Here at Ervin & Smith we regularly help our clients tackle rebrand projects that define how the world views their businesses. It is important and exciting work that we are passionate about. Keeping your brand fresh and reflective of your…read the full article