5 reasons why your business will benefit from Google+.

Why waste my time with Google+ when there’s Facebook?

Search Engine Marketing Part 2: Using Google’s AdWords tools

In part one, we discussed the importance of choosing the right keywords by picking highly relevant search terms and removing keywords that don’t relate to your products or services. But how do you know what your customers are searching for and how to reach the right customers in the right places?

mobile friendly web design
Building a Mobile Friendly Brand Presence

As the cornerstone of a digital presence, your website is often the first or second touch a prospect will have with your brand and makes a significant impression about your company overall.

Why landing pages are essential to search engine marketing success

Keywords, special offers and ad copy are all core components to assembling a successful search marketing campaign.

Catering to the long list of brand criteria: Why attracting more women the right way won’t alienate male consumers

For years, we’ve been consulting with clients and prospects on how to effectively market to women. The number one question we continue to hear: If we focus on women, will we alienate men?

Search engine marketing part 1: Picking the right keywords for your AdWords campaign.

You already know that in order for your potential customers to find your business, you need to show up in their Google results. And you’re ready to embark on your Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign. So now what?

The DOs and DON’Ts of successful interviewing.

Preparing for an interview is one key part of landing a job, and with the right approach, even your first interview can be a success.

Three tips for brand guidelines that last

Creating a new brand or reinvigorating an existing brand should be a career highlight for most marketers. Here are three tips for brand guidelines.

In a focus group rut? Five online alternatives to try.

Discover how to do audience research with these five online options for focus group alternatives.

Three public relations pitfalls to avoid

In recent years, the public relations (PR) industry has seen a lot of change. Social media, originally considered by many to be no more than a way for college students to kill time, has undoubtedly changed the communications game forever….read the full article