What is your brand architecture strategy?

Brand architecture strategy (sometimes called brand portfolio strategy) is a business strategy. It’s NOT about graphics. And it’s not about marketing.

You landed the interview! Now what? How to prepare for the media spotlight.

When it comes to media relations, the goal is always very clear — land an interview so you can secure media placement for your company or client. And generally speaking, securing the interview is the hardest part. It takes a…read the full article

Top 3 Content Management Systems: An overview of the most popular CMSes

If you’re looking to power your website with a CMS, read on for outlines of three of the top content management systems currently favored at Ervin & Smith.

Mobile Research: How you can apply it to your research mix

The rapidly growing mobile population has not only marketers scrambling to develop sound strategies and approaches, but researchers, as well. With more than 87% of the world’s population being mobile subscribers, there is an exciting opportunity for researchers to gain…read the full article

Content strategy for the home page: Content that gives users what they need to engage with your brand

As Web users, we don’t always know good home page content when we see it. That’s because when the content strategy on the home page is good, users don’t usually notice it at all. We notice bad content, absent content,…read the full article

Playing nice with Google algorithms: How to optimize your site content for Panda and Penguin

To the uninitiated, Google’s algorithms for ranking search results might seem overwhelming. However, by carefully planning your website with quality content you can ensure your site receives the best possible search position.

Relevance is the differentiator in digital brand strategy. The branding game has changed.

Relevance is the differentiator in digital brand strategy: The branding game has changed

Communication Hubs: The Why and How of Creating and Sharing Meaningful Content

In an age of DVRs, satellite radio and online publications, it’s getting harder for companies to carve out space in their markets using traditional advertising methods. Fortunately, online social media outlets such as blogs, wikis, Twitter and Facebook are giving…read the full article

4 ways to craft creative briefs that inspire killer work

As the primary tangible product of the agency account planner, the creative brief holds a special place in my heart. It’s the vehicle the planner uses to distill every known fact about the project — plus some educated assumptions —…read the full article

10 tips on how to optimize your press release.

Ten tips on how to optimize your press release to be found by the search engines.