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Building brand awareness. Establishing your company heads as thought leaders in your industry. Driving business. Managing public relations is no small task. Your PR tactics need to be both focused and fresh. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite PR resources and tips to help you put some new energy into your strategies.

How Journalists Consume PR Content
A new survey sheds light on how journalists want to get information from PR professionals. Spoiler alert: press release distribution services aren’t going to cut it. Online newsrooms, on the other hand, are more important than ever

The Changing Face—And Strategy—of Today’s Corporate Online Newsroom
Speaking of newsrooms … here’s a great resource outlining what you should aim for in yours. (Think more visuals, fewer press releases, more engagement.)

3 Quick TV Tips That Will Make Any Entrepreneur Media-Ready
You’ve secured a fantastic TV opportunity for your CEO. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, but then get back to work. To make the most of the opportunity, whoever is appearing on camera needs to do some prepping. This short video offers some easy-to-understand tips.

3 Reasons Why Your Pitch Gets Rejected
“Being busy is arguably not the reason the journalist never got back to you.” The truth is, there’s probably a good reason why reporters don’t read or simply trash your pitches. Here are three to avoid.

Why Are We Still Using AVEs: How to Really Measure Public Relations ROI
This blog from our own Megan Belt explores the outdated (and stubborn) continued use of AVEs. Along with offering some solid evidence as to why they’re a bad idea, she also offers a viable alternative.

6 Steps to the Perfect Media List For Your Public Relations Plan
We couldn’t help but include one more of our own in this list. Kendra Galante’s blog outlines the importance of media lists and sets out an easy-to-follow guide for establishing the best one for your company.

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