Social media and SEO: 4 insights you won’t want to miss.

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social media and seoIt wasn’t long ago that digital marketers established separate SEO and social media strategies. Today, as traditional SEO evolves, social media marketing is becoming increasingly intertwined with search, playing a more important role than ever before. Google says that social networks are about building relationships and relationships prove relevance. And relevancy is at the core of search engines.

The ultimate goal for search engines is to give the user what they’re looking for. Social media networks house millions of people sharing links and interacting with content, so it only makes sense that search engines are relying more heavily on social signals.

When you combine social media and SEO strategies, you’ll be able to discover new opportunities, increase reach, and put your brand in the search path of potential customers.

Here are four ways social media and SEO can positively impact your business:

  1. You’ll be where your customers are
    Modern SEO is about creating content that is valuable to your customer. In order to distribute your awesome content, get backlinks and encourage engagement, you need to be where your customers are. And in most cases, that means social media. If you create content that provides meaningful solutions to your target audiences, you will be rewarded in organic search, as well. (Learn more about creating great content for your target audience in “User personas: The secret to developing relevant content for Google.”)
  2. You’ll see a surge in traffic and indirect backlinks
    Social media sites themselves don’t provide much value in terms of backlinks – most social networks tell the search engines not to crawl their links. The SEO benefit comes from the surge in traffic: More traffic means a better chance publishers are seeing the content, which can lead to publishers using your content as an editorial resource.
  3. Your profile page could rankE&S results for social and seo

    There’s a good chance that if you Google your brand name, your brand’s Facebook page will show in the results. But when you include relevant terms in your profile, you could also rank for other important keywords in your industry. Social media sites have high domain authority, so there is a strong likelihood that your content – especially your profile – will rank, which creates more opportunity for high placement in search engine results.
  4. Content could be indexed more quickly
    Content shared across social media is an indication that the information shared is of use to visitors or at the very least, it’s entertaining. Since social shares can influence reach in a short period of time, it will often speed up the time it takes for search engines to index the content. Moz routinely conducts correlation studies to identify the qualities that have a strong connection to Google ranking. In one correlation study, they found that URLs shared on Google+ were crawled and indexed almost immediately.

Be active. Be strategic.

By successfully integrating social media and SEO, you are not only giving your customers what they want, where they want it, but also proactively managing your brand reputation online and giving yourself more digital reach. SEO isn’t just about keyword density and backlinks anymore. Being active on social is an absolute must, but being strategic about it is what will set you apart from the rest.

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