5 ways to get more ROI out of your social media contests.

Posted March 4, 2015 in by

Contests and sweepstakes have been around for years. But as social media and content marketing continue to grow, they have exploded in popularity. And in complexity of execution too. Remember McDonald’s Big Game Giveaway where they tried to give away every product advertised during the Super Bowl? That took hundreds of hours of planning and a huge team to pull it off. But it worked. McDonald’s got 1.2 million retweets overall and 25,000 new Twitter followers that day.

Social media contests can be a lot of work. But there’s a lot to be gained, as well. I’ve listed 5 ways to get more ROI out of your next contest or sweepstakes.

  1. Engage with your followers

    Whether you’re doing a crowdsourced video contest or a basic enter-to-win sweepstakes, you’re able to incentivize participation and engagement with your fans. A smart contest strategy not only provides your audience with an opportunity to win a great prize but also allows your brand to capitalize on the tremendous exposure to a new audience.

  2. Collect data about your customers

    There are a lot of things you can learn from marketing analytics. People are much more likely to provide personal information when there is motivation to win. So be sure to ask the questions you want answers to! Think of how much work it is to execute a customer survey … take advantage of this data opportunity.

  3. Grow your marketing databases

    Contests and sweepstakes can not only grow your social media followings but also grow email and text subscribers as well as mobile app downloads. One of the best things about contests is that they don’t have to be one and done. You’ll be able to develop secondary campaigns and lead-nurturing streams that will allow you to get more mileage out of your initial investment.

  4. Drive website traffic

    As digital marketers, we know that website traffic is imperative to success. We spend a lot of time creating targeted, meaningful content and we need smart promotion tactics to get users on-site to see it. Whether you’re focused on e-commerce sales, new leads or just content engagement, social media contests can be the vehicle that drives people to your website.

  5. Generate qualified leads

    Remember how I said to make sure you ask the questions you want answers to? Well, here’s where it’s important. Every business has different needs for consumer data so really think about your question selections. To determine if the user is ready to buy, ask “When are you considering a new purchase of (your product)?” That way you can identify which group of new leads are toward the bottom of the sales funnel. Maybe you just want to send them an offer on their birthday – so ask for their birthday.

Brands hold social media contests for one main reason: because it’s a great way to sell more products and gain customer insight. Today’s hyper-educated consumers know this. So it’s important to use these types of tactics as a way to strengthen the brand-to-consumer relationship by providing some fun and entertainment.  The chance to win can create a stronger brand affinity, which in the end is a win-win for everyone.

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