The best vines from brands.

Posted February 16, 2015 in by

The best vines from brandsContrary to what you might see on Buzzfeed and Mad Men, life as an advertising creative isn’t all ping-pong matches, nerf gun battles, ironic t-shirts and martini lunches. Sure, those things account for 80 percent of our day, but the other 20 percent is devoted to things like: status meetings, deadlines, budgets, conference calls, reviews with a creative director, reviews with the Account team, reviews with the client, more reviews with the creative director and filling out timesheets. We’re always filling out timesheets.

In other words, things can get stressful.

Thankfully, our agency discovered the perfect tool to help us recharge our mental batteries when we need a break from the chaos. They’re called Vines and they’re glorious. For the uninitiated, Vine is Twitter’s mobile friendly app that allows users to share short video clips of up to 6 seconds. And while 6 seconds doesn’t seem that long to deliver anything that could be deemed watchable or attention catching, it’s turned out to be an ideal form of entertainment for our society’s short attention span.

And now, brands are using Vines to connect with their audiences in a whole new way. Here’s a short list of the ones that got shared the most in our agency: the best vines from brands.


Volkswagen celebrates Shark Week


Target helps with summer boredom (HINT: hit pause for a fun idea)


Samsung nails the Tomahawk dunk


The timeline of an adidas soccer ball