Law abiders: The 9 best social media campaigns in regulated industries.

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Best Social Media CampaignsDigital marketers working within highly regulated industries may avoid social media under the assumption that it’s not for them. The truth is, the financial, health care and insurance industries struggle to ensure the rules and regulations applied to their traditional marketing initiatives are reflected in their digital marketing efforts.

The fast-paced social media environment causes many marketing directors to put up their blinders – refusing to work with their compliance department and not taking the time to train their own team. Ultimately, they end up losing out to competitors who are creating some of the best social media campaigns we’ve seen to date. See below for nine examples of social media campaigns that get it right in spite of restrictions.


New York Life
One insurance company is separating itself from competitors with an integrated content marketing strategy – New York Life. Instead of focusing on sales and pushing products, New York Life uses its branded social media accounts to reach out to its customers (and potential customers) as a trusted advisor.

New York Life social





Farmers Insurance using FarmVille
Social gaming platforms build dedicated, engaged followings. Farmers Insurance Group tapped into the social gaming network when they offered virtual crop insurance for FarmVille’s 60 million monthly players. In conjunction with the FarmVille experience, Farmers hosted a Facebook sweepstakes enabling entrants to turn their virtual lives into a reality.

DELA Funeral Insurance
It’s OK to say that discussing funeral insurance isn’t the most uplifting conversation. That’s why DELA’s “Why Wait Until It’s Too Late” digital campaign resonated with audiences. Instead of focusing on the sorrow and loss associated with funerals, the memorable initiative highlights the happy, remarkable moments we share with loved ones. The campaign spurred countless user-generated videos that were shared and repurposed across social media accounts.

DELA – WHY WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE? from Colin Tossijn on Vimeo.


Race With Insulin
Using Twitter as a powerful educational resource, Novo Nordisk enlisted the help of Charlie Kimball, the first licensed IndyCar driver with diabetes. Kimball tweets (@racewithinsulin) about living with Type 1 diabetes and about using Novo Nordisk’s NovoLog FlexPen for treatment.

#UCLAORLive UCLA is inviting the Twittersphere into the operating room – virtually. The Twitter feed #UCLAORLive incorporates Vine videos and live tweets to showcase what really goes on behind closed hospital doors by chronicling the ins and outs of surgery.

Cancer Hacks by LIVESTRONG
A digital tool for individuals fighting cancer, offers informative content marketing propelled by social media promotions. Learn what a “cancer hack” is today and how you can help support the cause!


Chase Community Giving Instead of focusing primarily on products and services, Chase launched a Facebook Page and Twitter account dedicated to promoting philanthropic causes.The Chase Community Giving initiative “puts the power of giving in your hands.” By shifting the focus from themselves to the greater community, the brand is creating personal, emotional relationships with its following.

Connect: Professional Women’s Network, Powered by Citi
Citi partnered with LinkedIn to create a branded community tailored to professional women. After learning that women in U.S. households make more than 80 percent of the financial decisions, Citi knew it was crucial to tap into this market.

Citi social media






Vanguard’s Twitter
Vanguard manages to convey a tone of voice that’s both confident and down to earth. With over 157,000 Twitter followers, the company posts thoughts on the latest news about investing, retirement, savings and more as a way to educate the public while remaining compliant.

Working within a regulated industry? Be sure to share some of your insights on navigating regulations. *This post has been updated and was originally published on September 4, 2014.

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