Mobile takeover: Tips to keep your content moving

Posted October 22, 2015 in by

Remember the salad days of traditional marketing, where a well-deployed DM piece could drive your business for months, and edgy commercials and print ads drove chatter at the watercooler?

A lot of these strategies still hold true today, of course, but the fact is that the Internet changed everything … and then smart mobile devices changed everything again. The result? An increasingly mobile audience that’s created a moving target businesses are expected to hit in order to stay relevant. If you’re still working toward that bull’s-eye, here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you take aim.

Bring it all together. The story you’re telling your customers won’t be cohesive across channels if mobile isn’t part of your overall strategy to begin with. Incorporating mobile from the beginning lets you think holistically about how you can use mobile as a natural extension of the rest of the campaign, rather than adding it in as an afterthought.

Use your words. Your first inclination is probably to strip down your copy to bare bones for mobile, but that isn’t necessarily the best approach. Rather, you should use the same writing principles for mobile content as you use for desktop. That means using powerful hooks and headlines and not being afraid to say a little more if the situation warrants it.

Don’t make them wait. The last thing a consumer on the go wants to do is wait for content to load – or worse, waste time trying to find that content in the first place. Your content should be easily found and should load quickly if you want your reader to stick around.

Make yourself a destination. Recent research shows that more than 80 percent of all time spent on iOS or Android devices is in apps, meaning less than 20 percent is spent on mobile browsing. So if it makes sense for your business, consider offering an app, which will put your content where consumers are going on their smartphones. (Want to learn more about whether an app is right for you? Check out one of our recent blog posts.)

Remember the three Ls. Your mobile content should be, as Adam Kmiec coined, “liquid, linked, and loved.” In other words, it should work on all screens, it should always drive toward an action rather than a dead end, and it should be interesting enough for users to seek it out.

You’ve heard our best practices – now what are yours? What are you doing to meet your consumers where they are? Let us know in the comments.