3 reasons to create custom photography for your website.

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Designing your company’s website can seem like a monumental task. Add on the need for original, fresh imagery, and it can be tough to know where to start. It might seem like the path of least resistance is to search the stock photo sites for imagery that puts your site on par with your competitors. But please, fight the urge to use those almost-good-enough, this-looks-like-our-building, he-could-be-our-customer, slap-on-our-logo-and-you’ll-never-tell-the-difference photos. Here are three reasons why:


Authenticity. It’s more than just a buzzword. When people come to your site and they see photos of your office, actual clients and your real products, it puts them at ease. They know they aren’t dealing with just another faceless organization that might be based out of their hometown, but could also be based out of someone’s basement in a far-away land.


Customers want to see your real products and success stories. A well-lit, perfectly balanced photo of a family laughing and playing catch together is great. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. But if you’re able to add in a short story about who they are, where they live and how your company helped them get there, wow. I just went from a smirk to wondering how you might help my family get to this same place. Potential customers want to know your company’s success stories. And whether that means full-blown testimonials or simply using photos that have a backstory, the imagery on your website is probably the first place you have to sell me on why I should go with your products or services.


A cohesive brand. Your brand is made up of many moving parts. Your voice, customer’s experience, website, logo, color palette and of course, photography are just a few of the things that define your brand. Creating a consistent brand can elevate your company in the consumer’s eye more than just about anything else. So when someone visits your website, you want to make sure they are experiencing your brand in the same way as if they just walked through your front doors. A custom library of images gives you the flexibility to feature different parts of your company throughout your website in a consistent way, always putting your best foot forward.



Along with Omaha photographer Geoff Johnson, Ervin and Smith created a library of images for the redesigned cretecarrier.com, highlighting their trucks, drivers and customers throughout their online experience.


Photography doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor, or a huge financial risk. Custom, cohesive photography shows that you value your website’s look and feel, and also tells your story in a way that’s customized for your business.


Is this something you’re struggling with? At Ervin and Smith, we’ve helped all size of businesses tell their story through unique, creative and strategic photography. Drop us a line and we’ll figure out an approach that fits your company’s needs.

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