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As a digital agency, we are always looking for creative inspiration for website strategy and design. The good news is that there are a ton of innovative sites across the internet. But anymore, it’s not just about a cool homepage and flashy product pages. It’s about creating a digital community where people want to visit and interact with often.  One study suggests, content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. (Demand Metric). So businesses today need content hubs that embody their brand and create a memorable experience for users.

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Our favorite content hubs

We scoured the interwebs to come up with 9 of our favorite branded content hubs:

  1. Titleist
    The Team Titleist community is a great example of an all-encompassing customer content hub. It features a branded blog about the latest trends and news in golf, as well as, user-generated content via forums, sweepstakes and games.titleist content hub
  2. Think With Google
    Of course, Google would have a great content hub! I’m a bit of data nerd so Think With Google is one of my favorites. But beyond the content, the layout and features of the site are pretty intutitive. There are a number of ways to sort and search through their content and they present the information in a number of creative formats.think with google hub
  3. Salesforce
    The Salesforce Success Community is a place for business professionals to share, learn and engage with thousands of other people across the world. The site features forms, question banks, articles, tutorials and much more. This is a great example of how a content hub can serve as a resource for customers but also prospects and other stakeholders.salesforce hub
  4. Home Depot
    For DIY-ers everyone, the Home Depot community site is a fun, interactive resource. From step-by-step guides to tips from the experts to forum discussion with other handymen and women, you can find the answers you need to complete just about any home project.home depot community
  5. Harley Davidson
    The Harley Davidson site gives Harley enthusiasts a great way not only to earn more about the brand but engage with other riders from around the world. They can share pictures, interact on social media and even find local meet ups to go ride. This content hub is a great example of how a brand can capitalize on their follower’s product loyalty and really charge them into action.harley hub
  6. Canva
    Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design app where users have access to a large library of images, icons, templates and more. The Canva Design School is a tremendous tool for professional and not-so-professional designers a like. There is a boatload of content in the form of blogs, tutorials, examples and teaching materials.canva
  7. Lo & Sons
    If you need video to help you make up your mind, Lo & Sons is the place to go. The trendy purse and bag company provides a wealth of content for customers. Their products range in price and functionality so the fun videos about how much stuff you can fit in the bags and the in-depth product reviews really help customers in their decision-making process.lo and sons content
  8. REI
    For the outdoor enthusiasts, the REI content hub gives you all the information you need – top places to visit, gear to wear, tips and tricks and much more. They also feature “in the field” posts from guests to give a different perspective.
    REI blog
  9. Airbus
    As a global leader in the aerospace industry, the AirBus site features tons of information in the form of videos, interactive guides, image galleries, blogs, whitepapers and much more.Airbus

These examples of content hubs show how successful brands in all industries can integrate a smart content marketing strategy with inspiring and creative web design to address the needs and challenges of their target audience. It’s all about being relevant to consumers who are searching for you.

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