7 Website Designs That Inspire Us

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At E&S, we’re always on the lookout for website design inspiration that will help push our ideas further.

Here are seven of my latest favorites.

Really Good Juices

Parallax scrolling and triggered animation make this website fun to play with, even if you don’t read Dutch.


Space Needle

The way this reverse parallax scroll mimics the space needle experience is genius. Plus, we love the innovative use of Web fonts.

space needle

Google’s Super Sync Sports

Grab your smartphone and get ready to turn it into a game controller. This Google Chrome experiment features multi-device browsing and the ability to play alone or compete with others.

super sync sports

Apple – Thirty Years of Mac

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since the introduction of the Macintosh? Apple is celebrating with an interactive timeline incorporated into their experience. Don’t miss the horizontal scrolling features available when you click on “Mac Timeline.”

apple 30 years

Speedo: Art of the Cap

Maybe it’s just because I’m training for the swimming leg of a sprint triathlon this summer, but I love this one-page site from Speedo. Note the use of simple, but incredibly well-designed, rollover states.


Vimeo 2013 Annual Report

While companies rarely spend dollars on high-end printed annual reports anymore, they are putting money into digital annual reports. This one from Vimeo features a playful design, irreverent tone and unique updates like funny employee photos and cat videos.


Google Hangouts

The video backgrounds and crisp, clean layouts in this Google Hangouts promotional website are awesome. It’s also a site that pushes some boundaries, but could still be great inspiration for a corporate or B-to-B brand.
google hangout

Where do you look for website design inspiration? Please comment below and share any links you love.

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