Digital consulting.

Driven by the fast-changing digital world and evolving customer behavior and expectations, organizations must use technology to deliver more value. Ervin & Smith can help transform your organization into one that embraces technology, champions innovation and quickly adapts to digital trends. This results in better customer engagement, better prospects and more conversions.


Marketing consulting.

Marketing challenges come in all shapes and sizes. We can help with lead generation, product messaging, cross selling, upselling and engagement.

Brand consulting.

Ervin & Smith can help you set goals and align internal teams while refining your company purpose, vision and values.

PR consulting.

Ervin & Smith will review and audit your current PR plans, media messaging and media targets as well as conduct competitive analysis of the media landscape and provide you with strategic recommendations.

Social media marketing consulting.

Every business has different needs when it comes to social media. Ervin & Smith will train your team on social media, including tools, trends and best practices for creating internal social media guidelines to ensure you project a consistent image and message.

Ideation and brainstorming workshops.

Effective marketing and creative starts with great ideas. But you can’t be effective when you don’t know how to start. We can help lead your team in purposeful brainstorming to generate new ideas and solutions more efficiently. You’ll learn how to tap into the creative power of your organization and uncover innovations, new ways of thinking and fresh processes.

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Team training.

Digital marketing is here to stay and it’s critical to your brand’s success. That’s why it’s important your team has an in-depth understanding of digital marketing. Ervin & Smith’s strategists can train you and your team on the basics of online marketing, including SEO, PR, content marketing and social media. These next-generation skills and techniques will keep your business on the cutting-edge of business practices.

Download our blog success kit.

Media training.

A media interview is an opportunity for your brand to spread insights and your key messages to thousands, maybe even millions, of people via the media. The key to success is being properly prepared. Our team can help key leadership and spokespeople in your company prepare and develop the skills to get your message across succinctly and with impact. Plus, we can help you stay prepared for any situation with our customized training kit that will help your key stakeholders communicate your message effectively.

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