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Creating brands that matter – Midlands Business Journal.

October 5, 2018

Creating brands that matter is something we do here at E&S. So the Midlands Business Journal recently approached Creative Director Leanne Prewitt for her insights about branding and all that comes with it, from the physical assets to the intangible emotions. Leanne has led award-winning branding work, most recently for Vis Major and K&Co.

“Branding is what draws you to one product, restaurant or brand over another. Great branding can cause an irrational attachment to a product, meaning there’s no data, fact or performance indicator that makes one brand better than another – you just feel better about it.”

Leanne added, “Some business owners consider branding a ‘soft’ need that can seem less important than other hard business costs, but if you don’t invest in a great brand experience to draw people to your company and give them a positive experience while they’re with you, you won’t have any customers left to sell to.”

You can read the full article in the September 28 edition of the Midlands Business Journal.



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