Relevancy analysis.

Get the data to shine a light on where your brand stands today and where it needs to go to blow your competitors out of the water. Our proprietary Relevancy Analysis gives you the data you need to strengthen your digital brand and guide your marketing and communications strategies. You’ll learn how to improve your marketing and sales conversions, how to drive more traffic to your website and how to make your channels work harder for you.

Ervin & Smith’s relevancy analysis identifies these four things:

research process
  1. How easily you can be found when your target audience is searching online.
  2. How your brand stacks up to the most credible brands in you category.
  3. How well your products and services offer solutions and add value through content that helps you target audience solve their problems.
  4. How well you understand where the target audience is in their decision-making process.

Ethnographic research.

Ethnographic studies enable brands to gain insights on how customers use and experience a product, brand or service. This research helps our team discover unforeseen insights about your business so we can produce innovative and engaging user experiences.

research process diagram


A successful marketing or creative campaign begins with knowing your target audience inside and out. We start that research process by developing buyer personas – a combination of data-based insights from ethnographic and behavioral user research, as well as a personal narrative. These personas can then be used to identify new opportunities to continue to improve the customer experience.

research process chart

Usability testing.

Usability testing ensures that what you think is a good design is actually a good design for your users. Our team will execute a robust and in-depth testing solution that provides valuable data and direction—keeping you on target during development stages and beyond.

Competitive analysis.

Our competitive analysis process measures how your digital brand stacks up to the most credible brands in your category. Get real–time marketing analytics on the competition to find out what they’ve been up to and how that should impact your next move.