The challenge.

Pink Gorilla, an event production company, knew its branding for the Leprechaun Chase 10k race wasn’t consistent and that the event’s website needed help. So they tasked our team to create a site with a new, fresh look, and to fix the UX issues of the old site. They also wanted the race’s fun atmosphere to be reflected in not only the site, but also the event’s Facebook page that had become more of an afterthought than anything else.

The solution.

Our team focused on creating branding, collateral and a website that brought the spirit of the Leprechaun Chase to life. This is especially evident in the website that plays upon the idea of the battle of the sexes while providing engaging, modern navigation and clear information. The website’s header features split-screen video (complete with confetti canons, slime and bagpipes) that simulates the theme of “lads versus lasses.”

omaha web design sample pink gorilla
mobile web design example pink gorilla

The results.


Registrations in initial time frame.


Fastest sellout in history.


Sponsors thrilled with the new site.

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