The campaign.

Rotary Lift is an industry-leading B2B automotive lift company serving markets across the world. When it came to branding, they had long relied on the “numbers” of sales—price, total cost of ownership, etc.—to build their image. However, in the commoditized lift market, selling on price, features and specs simply wasn’t enough.

The solution.

Ervin & Smith helped Rotary Lift build a brand strategy that went beyond the numbers, connecting with customers on an emotional level. The “Raised in Madison” campaign helped to differentiate the brand among its competitors, drawing attention to its unique Midwest roots, values and engineering. Leveraging the similarities between shop owners and Rotary Lift employees, the campaign cast the brand in a new light and energized distributor networks and company employees alike.

web design example rotary
mobile design example rotary

The results.


Leads generated
in motor age.


Million in sales
at trade shows.



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