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Two women talking in front of a computer and smiling.

How CEOs can keep employee mental health a priority. 

E&S CEO, Leanne Prewitt, shares her advice for creating a work culture that cares about mental health.
Three Pinnacle awards, awarded to Ervin & Smith displayed on plywood shelf.

Best of Show & other wins at the Pinnacle Awards.

Let’s be real. We’re a little skeptical of most award shows. Many are political. And subjective. Often, the flashiest creative wins without any interest in ...

How to use AI in marketing (without fearing it will replace you).

Since the highly publicized release of ChatGPT in November 2022, it seems everyone has something to say about AI. You might be wondering — is ...
Woman looks at glass board with sticky notes that have different ideas written on them.

We’re done with traditional marketing planning. Here’s why.

On the other side of a pandemic that rocked every industry, the idea of planning ahead has become a bit of a joke. “What even ...

Don’t let 2024’s volatility derail your business goals.

In today’s business landscape, volatility is the norm. From economic uncertainties to changing consumer preferences and a historic presidential election, corporations must be ready for ...

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Leanne Prewitt

President & Chief Executive Officer

Shaped by her background in creative direction, Leanne leads the agency’s culture and creative vision and also oversees the operations that allow a team of marketing, design and media specialists to create powerful and effective work for their client partners.

Leanne began her professional career in New York City working for some of the nation’s leading agencies. In 2016, after a five-month sabbatical around the world, she returned to her hometown and joined Ervin & Smith. Her global perspective and expanded professional experience influence the work she does today.