Ervin & Smith focus: Ryan Cruickshank.

From ensuring data security to making communications with remote employees effortless, Ervin & Smith’s director of information technology has a lot on his plate. Ryan Cruickshank shares how he manages to do it all in this Q&A.

As the director of information technology, what are your responsibilities at E&S?

I’m responsible for the planning, organizing and execution of all IT functions for Ervin & Smith. That includes everything from desktop support and server management, to information security and network infrastructure, to policy management and disaster recovery planning.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

Prior to Ervin & Smith, I worked in a wide range of roles at First National Bank and Sitel Corporation. Between the two companies, I gained experience in computer programming, systems administration, project management, client relationship management and leadership.
I also developed a passion for Apple computers in my spare time. So much so that I got a job working at the Apple Store and independently obtained an Apple support certification … just for fun. I eventually decided it was time to combine my career experience with my Mac passion here at Ervin & Smith.

What are some fun things E&S is doing technology-wise?

To accommodate our move toward a more flexible work environment, we recently implemented a new remote-collaboration software solution. The solution gives all of our employees the ability to instant message, share screens with and video chat with co-workers, wherever they happen to be working, on their computer or managed mobile device.
Another exciting development has been our conversion to a new on-premises storage system, with off-site replication to a top-tier data center. The new system gives us more than 10 times the storage capacity, 50% faster disaster recovery objectives and overall increased infrastructure redundancy.

Security is important to E&S and to our clients. How do you make sure sensitive data stays secure?

In general terms, we manage information security with a three-sided approach. We have administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place to reasonably protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information. To ensure our practices are up to date, we also regularly contract information security consultants to scan our systems, audit our practices and advise us regarding security trends.

What do you like best about working here?

Between the Ping-Pong table, the in-office skateboarding, beer cart happy hours and the life-sized cutout of Liberace standing in the hallway, I’d have to say my favorite aspect of Ervin & Smith is the fun. There’s always something happening, some random celebration taking place or some food available for everyone to share in the kitchen. We work hard, but also know how to have a good time.

Ryan Cruickshank

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