Ervin & Smith is a finalist for HubSpot’s Client Campaign of the Year.

Ervin & Smith has been selected as a finalist for Client Campaign of the Year in HubSpot’s IMPACT Awards. The Client Campaign of the Year award celebrates an outstanding inbound marketing campaign that ties together several different elements under a creative and compelling concept and has quantitative impact for a client business.

Ervin & Smith is one of three finalists for the award, and is being recognized for work done for VSG, a family of nine brands that build world-class products in the collision repair and vehicle lifting industries. The award recognizes the business impact of the Lift Buyer’s Guide, the flagship initiative of the Rotary Lift inbound marketing program.

About the campaign

Rotary Lift, one of the VSG brands, is a B2B company with a unique set of challenges, including a reliance on distributors for product sales and a lack of control over messaging presented to businesses by distributors, resulting in a chasm between the company and potential customers.

Research has shown that the biggest challenge B2B marketers face in regard to lead generation is producing high quality leads (61%). Rotary Lift and Ervin & Smith set out to create a multichannel inbound marketing campaign to generate sales-qualified leads that could be passed on to their local distributor networks.

The Lift Buyer’s Guide campaign launched the Rotary Lift inbound marketing program in March 2014. Top-of-the-funnel content helped to maximize the size of the target audience. Once the prospective buyer downloaded the content, leads were segmented into one of four personas. Leads were sent through relevant email workflows based on the persona’s key challenges with the ultimate goal of nurturing them down the funnel to speak with a local distributor.

HubSpot Impact Award

The Lift Buyer’s Guide campaign was the flagship initiative that launched the Rotary Lift inbound marketing program. Using HubSpot analytics, blogging, search engine optimization and landing page tools, the campaign quickly drove leads. To date, the campaign has had a big impact on Rotary’s business:

  • 20,674 site views
  • 2,040 landing page submissions
  • 1,425 new contacts
  • 87% visit-to-lead conversion rate
  • 6% lead-to-SQL conversion rate
  • Generated leads from every marketing channel
  • 54% of all submissions came from organic traffic
  • Email had the highest conversion rate at 28.72%


Winners will be announced at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015, a premiere inbound marketing conference that brings together 10,000 marketing and sales professionals annually.

Leanne Prewitt

President & Chief Executive Officer

Shaped by her background in creative direction, Leanne leads the agency’s culture and creative vision and also oversees the operations that allow a team of marketing, design and media specialists to create powerful and effective work for their client partners.

Leanne began her professional career in New York City working for some of the nation’s leading agencies. In 2016, after a five-month sabbatical around the world, she returned to her hometown and joined Ervin & Smith. Her global perspective and expanded professional experience influence the work she does today.